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Soft Control Ltd was established in February 1990 intially the company was established as a system house to supply control system design and software solutions. We quickly became aware of a new business opportunity when we regularly encountered dissatisfied end users who were struggling with unsatisfactory support / system design from the suppliers of automated equipment.

  • If we supply a system we design it to be reliable and maintainable by selecting and configuring components that we already hold within Soft Control.

  • Structured Software techniques are utilised and software is tested before it is installed for commissioning.

  • When we are asked to support a system designed / installed by a third party, we ensure that the program is backed up, hold the necessary programming software, documentation and diagnostic tools to troubleshoot effectively the system. It is not necessary for the third party's software to be commented, printed out or even to have electrical schematics - we have experience of supporting even the most poorly documented systems.

Quality Systems and Professional Standards

All garments are professionally cleaned ensure a clean and bacteria free condition. Safety Boots/Head Eye and Ear Protection are carried. All Test and Measurement equipment is calibrated annually, traceable to National Standards Reference (N.P.L)
Anti-virus Software used throughout Soft Control Ltd Employer's Liability: Limit:£10,000,000
Public Liability: Limit: £5,000,000.
Programming equipment is annually tested for electrical safety. Soft Control Ltd
Registration No: 2472280
Date: 20th February 1990

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