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Soft Control provide a 24 hour Breakdown Support Service for automated production systems.

The continuous availability of this service is made possible by the payment of a monthly retainer fee. Soft Control ensures the availability of the skills, diagnostic hardware, software and information to efficiently deal with a breakdown on your site.

This link takes you to a list of controllers / HMIs ( from obsolete to the latest ) that we can support :

Our Support Service has been in operation since 1995. In almost all cases it is academic that we have not written the control code to be interrogated. On hundreds of occasions we have attended breakdowns and pin pointed the cause of the failure ( often a field device which would have been impossible to locate by conventional means. )

Typically our client base is made up of clients for which a production failure means jeopardising the supply of materials, parts or units to the end customer.

Typical range of customer requests. Which are tailored to your needs!
    • 24/7 Breakdown Support configured to suit your requirements

      • Each Breakdown you will receive a detailed site report

    • £ 300,000 worth of stock with thousands of parts at your disposal

      • Bonded supply of PLC parts for your plant

    • Modem Support with a typical response time of less than 30 minutes

    • Remote support of equipment from various manufacturers

    • Annual Maintenance

    • Site survey encompassing:

      • Identication of PLC modules
      • Drive Safety Systems
      • Identifications of specialised high risk modules
      • Infra-red survey of electrical systems
      • Energy saving
      • Diagnostic Test

    • Planned Maintenance routines

      • Replacement of backup batteries at the recommended intervals
      • Backup of PLC / HMI / SCADA application software / setup data / licenses

    • PLC Updating for obsolete units

    • Diagnostic Network Testing

The process for responding to Breakdown requests

From the moment of the initial call Soft Control will be working to get to solve your problem as quick as possible 24 hours a day.

The typical procedure for a engineer is shown in the following steps (Tailored to your needs) :-

  • Step 1 - On your first call you will talk directly to a engineer who will try and resolve the problem over the phone depending on the situation

  • Step 2 - For companies with remote support we can connect to your systems within 30 minutes via the internet

  • Step 3 - An on site visit

Response Time
Less than 1 hour
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 Hours
Response Time
Less than 1 hour
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours
5 +
5 Hours or more

The process for logging support requests

When a support customer rings up, we require specific information including machine name and controllers attached which allows us to find the backed up version of the controller on our server and bring the relevant compatible equipment which will help us diagnose the problem.

If you are not a support customer we will not have a backup of your system and may require documentation and a program backup without this information the problem may take longer to resolve.

At the end of the breakdown a detailed site report will be given

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